Green Thai Curry Rice Noodle

Green Thai Curry Rice Noodle

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We bought a few different Thai curry paste from @mikesorganiccurrylove and today we're featuring Green Thai Curry Paste. .

Since it's a soup noodle dish, we mix the curry paste with coconut milk, and veg stock then throw in shiitake slices and squeeze lime juice. Adjust the flavor with salt and sugar. The rice noodle is the new fav from @perfectearthfoods Organic Rice Pasta. We put a lot of healthy and flavorful toppings; grilled tofu with garlic pepper seasoning, locally sourced spicy micro greens, @fulleifresh Organic Bean Sprouts, sliced radishes, cilantro, julienned carrots, sliced red onions, and a lime wedge.

Perfect Earth Green Thai Curry Rice Noodle


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  • Richard Blossom